Everybody poops--but not everybody says that! Find out the best word to use in every situation.

pooping dog

defecate (formal word)

Verbs unless otherwise noted.

childChildren's words (kids only!):
poop, go poo poo, make poo poo, go number 2, go potty, go, make caca, make doo-doo, make a B.M. (bowel movement)

Children's example:
Mommy, Kitty went poo poo on the carpet again!

ministerPolite terms (euphemisms):
go to the bathroom, go to the restroom, powder ones nose (women), visit the little girls/little boys room, make a deposit, Nature calls! (exclamation), make a pit stop

Polite examples:
If Helen wasn't really drunk at the party, why did Jeff find her making a deposit in the hall closet?

guyOkay terms:
do one's business

Okay example:
Mitt was so stressed over the outcome of the Super Bowl that he was unable to do his business for a week, creating a football of another sort entirely.

devilImpolite terms
crap, shit (crap is more polite than shit), take a shit, pinch a loaf, take a dump, drop a turd

Impolite example
After being fired, Jack showed his feelings by taking a dump in the top drawer of his ex-manager's desk.

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