Everybody farts--but not everybody says that! Find out the best word to use in every situation.

pooping dog

flatulate (formal word)

Verbs unless otherwise noted.

childChildren's words (kids only!):
make a stink, cut the cheese (sometimes adults use this one)

Children's example:
At the school pageant, Mark cut the cheese so many times that Simon wished he had taken the front of the cow costume.

ministerPolite terms (euphemisms):
pass gas, break wind, toot, S.B.D. (Silent but deadly--a specific subgenre of fart)

Polite examples:
Polite people never pass gas. They just clear their throats a lot.

Beans, beans, the musical fruit; The more you eat, the more you toot!

guyOkay terms:
fart (still considered impolite by many people)

Okay example:
Lisa farted.

devilImpolite terms
cut one, backfire, let one rip

Impolite example
It was an embarrassing day at the emergency room after curious Sandy let one rip onto a lighted match.

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