Slang Quizzes

NEW! With Compliments: A Quiz about Vintage Insults

What's a moggy? What's so bad about a traveling scholarship? And how do you bake a tantadlin tart? If you liked the Cruely Quiz, you'll love this one!

Money Quiz

Money makes the world go 'round, but do you know all the slang for it? From the eighteenth century to the modern day, this quiz will challenge even the sharpest banker.

More Insults: The Cruelty Quiz

Star gazers, bungholes and skanks! What do you know about insults?

Pot or Not

Weed, Mary Jane, Spliff....Test your knowledge of marijuana slang with this quiz. It has hundreds of words and is different every time you take it!

Vintage Sex Slang

  • What would Shakespeare call a hoe?
  • Is red paint worse than the clap?
  • Could a swinger be a quiff?

From the sixteenth century to the 1970s, test your knowledge of old-time sex vocabulary!

P.I.M.P. Quiz

  • What are gazelles?
  • Which is nicer: a hoopty or a whip?
  • What’s slang for $10,000?

Think you know? Check out theon slang about rappers’ status symbols.

The Name Game

Hoobastank, Blind Melon, N.E.R.D., Third Eye Blind...
How much do you know about the origins of band names?