Everybody pees--but not everybody says that! Find out the best word to use in every situation.

peeing dog

urinate (formal word)

Verbs unless otherwise noted.

childChildren's words (kids only!):
go pee pee, make pee pee, make water, make wee wee, go number 1, go potty, go

Children's example:
All I want for Christmas is a doll that can go pee pee!

ministerPolite terms (euphemisms):
go to the bathroom, go to the restroom, powder ones nose (women), visit the little girls/little boys room, relieve oneself, Nature calls! (exclamation), tinkle, piddle, spend a penny, make a pit stop

Polite examples:
While Trixie was powdering her nose on the camping trip, she was eaten by a bear.

I'd love to see more pictures of your cat, but nature calls!

guyOkay terms:

Okay example:
Steve peed.

devilImpolite terms
piss, take a piss, take a leak (men), take a whizz (men), bleed the lizard (men), drain the snake (men)

Impolite example
To demonstrate his love, Frank spelled out the name of his girlfriend in the snow while taking a whizz.

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