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Crying baby photo credit: UPSET BABY by R nial bradshaw. Image cropped (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Many typical American English names have "bad" double meanings that can get you teased at school. Read on for names to watch out for. Bad factor indicates teasing potential.

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Ralph ♂

Slang meaning:  Vomit (verb).
Bad factor: Especially bad in high school and college.
Famous namesake:  The Green Party's Ralph Nader

Randi ♀

Slang meaning: Sexually excited.
Bad factor:  Probably bad in high school. Definitely worse for girls than boys named Randy.
Famous namesake:  Adult film star Randi Rage

Randy ♂

Slang meaning: Sexually excited.
Bad factor: Not bad. Guys with this name might joke about it themselves.
Famous namesake:  Oscar winning composer Randy Newman

Rod ♂

Slang meaning:  Penis.
Bad factor: Bad. Great name for a porno star.
Famous namesake:   Rock singer Rod Stewart

Willie/Willy ♂

Slang meaning:  Penis.
Bad factor: Not bad. The slang term is more common in Britain than the US.
Famous namesake:  Baseball great Willy Mays

Woody ♂

Slang meaning: Erect penis.
Bad factor: Bad in high school, but younger kids don't know about it. That's probably why it was considered okay as the name of the hero in the children's movie Toy Story.
Famous namesake:  Actor Woody Harrelson

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