Quotes from
Kill Bill: Vol. 2

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B.B.: Oh, I'm dying, I'm dying.
Bill: Fall down, sweetheart. Mommy shot you... But little did Quick-Draw Kiddo know that little B.B. was only playing possum, due to the fact that she was impervious to bullets.

B.B.: Oh, I'm dying, I'm dying.
Bill: Fall down, my dear. Mommy shot you... But the Quick-Draw Kiddo* did not know that little B.B. was only pretending to be dead the way that opossums do to avoid attacks. She was not dead because bullets could not penetrate her skin.

*Quick Draw Kiddo is intended to sound like an old outlaw name from the Wild West (like Billy the Kid). Quick Draw means fast at drawing a gun. Kiddo, a cute way to say "kid," is also the child's real last name.

Budd: You gotta hand it to the old girl. I never saw nobody buffalo Bill* the way she buffaloed Bill. Bill used to think she was so damn smart. I tried to tell him, "Bill, she's just smart for a blonde."

*double meaning: In the late 1800s, "Buffalo Bill" Cody was the founder of a famous traveling entertainment troupe called the Wild West Show, featuring fancy horse riding and shooting tricks.

Budd: You have to give credit to the woman. I have never seen anyone confuse and take advantage of Bill the way she did. Bill used to think she was especially intelligent. I tried to tell him,"Bill, she's only intelligent compared to other blonde women and you know blonde women are always stupid."

Budd: Wake-y, wake-y, eggs and bake-y.

Budd: Wake up, there are eggs and bacon for breakfast.