Ciara featuring Ludacris
Original Translation of Slang

This is where they stay crunk, throw it up, dubs on the Cadillac
White tees, Nikes, gangstas don't know how to act
Adamsville, Bankhead, College Park, Carver Homes
Hummers floatin' on chrome
Chokin' on that home-grown

This is where they have a great time, they have fancy wheel rims on the luxury Cadillac car
They wear white t-shirts with Nike sneakers, gangsters don't know how to act
In the neighborhoods around Atlanta
They are driving military-style Hummer luxury vehicles with chrome wheels
and smoking that home-grown marijuana

They got that Southern cookin'
They got them fellas lookin'
Thinkin' I was easy I can see it
That's when I say no, what fo'?
Shawty can't handle this
Ciara got that fire like--
Oh, 'round here we ridin' slow
We keep it gutta, you should know
Gettin' crunk off in the club we gets low, oh
Oh, oh, all my ladies to the flow
Handle it ladies back it up
Gettin' crunk up in the club we gets low, oh

They have got that Southern cooking
And the men are looking at me
and thinking that I will have sex with anyone
That's when I say no, why would I agree?
That attractive man can't control this
I am full of energy and excitement, like--
Oh, around here we are riding slow
We act like gangsters, you should know
We have a great time in the club and we dance with our bodies low
Oh, oh, all my ladies dance
Take control, ladies back up when you dance
We have a great time in the club and we dance with our bodies low

Buddy take a new whip, paint strip, into a bowlin' ball
Still smoke hundred spokes, wood-grain, Armor-All
Light-skinned thick chicks, fellas call 'em redbones
Close cuts, braids, long, gangstas love 'em all


Buddy takes a new car with a paint strip and a custom marbled paint job (like the swirl on a bowling ball)
Still exciting, with a hundred spokes on the wheel rim, with wood-grain trim and shiny from an application of Armor-All car wax
Men call light-skinned shapely African American women "redbones"
Women with short haircuts, braids, or long hair, gangsters love them all


Southern-style, get wild, old school's comin’ down in a different color whip, whip, whip
Picture perfect, you might wanna take a flick, flick, flick, flick, flick
Call up Jazze tell him pop up the bottles cuz we got another hit, hit, hit
Wanna go platinum? I'm who you should get get get get get
Ludacris on the track, get back, switch, switch on the ‘Lac, I'm flexin' steel
Same price every time, hot song, jumped on cuz Ciara got sex appeal
And I keep the meanest, cleanest, baddest, spinnin' on stainless wheels
Could care less about your genius, I bump ya status, I keep the stainless steel
Trunk-rattlin’ what’s happenin’, huh?
I don’t even think I need to speed
Bass-travelin’, face-cracklin’ huh?
Turn it up and make the speakers bleed
Dirty south we ballin’ dawg
And neva think about fallin' dawg
Ghetto harmonizing, surprising, runnin' back cuz the song is cold


Southern-style, get wild, classic style rap is coming down in a different color car
It looks so perfect, you might want to take a picture
Call up hip hop producer Jazze Pha and tell him to get the bottles of champagne ready because this song is going to be a hit
If you want your record to sell one million copies or more, you should ask me to appear on the song
I'm rapping on this song, as I did in my song "Get Back," start the Cadillac, I'm showing off with my fancy car
The same price every time, this is an exciting song, I agreed to participate because Ciara is very sexy
And I keep the coolest, cleanest, most exciting spinning rims on my car
I don't care about your genius, my status is higher than yours, I keep the stainless steel on my car
The trunk of my car is rattling, what’s happening, what is it?
I don’t even think I need to go fast
The bass coming from my trunk is really loud as I drive and it make me smile, you know?
Turn it up so loud that it makes the speakers bleed
Dirty South style rappers, we are very successful, man
And we never think about failing, man
We are harmonizing ghetto style, surprising, running back because this song is really great


flick is normally a movie, not a still picture

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