Dem Franchize Boyz, featuring Peanut and Charlay
Lean Wit It, Rock Wit It
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Lean wit it, rock wit it!
Lean wit it, rock wit it,
Lean wit it, rock wit it,
Lean wit it, rock wit it,
Lean wit it, rock wit it,
Lean wit it, rock wit it,
Lean wit it, rock wit it,
Lean wit it, rock wit it!

Lean to the music, rock to the music!
seven times)

I bounce in the club, so the hoes call me Rocky,
Posted in the cut, and I'm lookin' for a blockhead,
Yup, in my white tee, I break a bitch back,
And I keep a big bank--Oh, I think dey like dat!
Before I leave the house, I'm slizzard on the Goose,
And I'm higher then a plane, so a nigga really loose,
And I can lean wit it, and I can rock wit it,
And if you gotta friend, she gotta suck a cock wit it!

I bounce like a boxer in the club instead of dancing, so the women call me "Rocky,"
I'm spending time here, and I'm looking for a woman who will give me oral sex,
Yes, in my white t-shirt, I break a woman's back,
And I have lots of money with me--Oh, I think they like that!
Before I leave the house, I'm already drunk on Grey Goose vodka,
And I'm very high on drugs, so I'm feeling very relaxed,
And I can lean to the music, and I can rock with the music,
And if you have a friend, then she has to give me oral sex to the music!
Ay, gonna rock wit it, gonna lean wit it,
Rock so damn hard, you break your spleen wit it,
Pull up ya jeans wit it, smoke some green wit it,
N' da spot ain't crunk? Bitch, we ain't in it.
If you don't wanna do it, then I'll make ya dance,
Perfect example: Watch me make your face beat up my hands,
When you see me hit the spot, betta watch dat boy,
Chalay, from the road with da Franchize Boyz!


I'm going to rock with the music and lean to the music,
You rock so very hard, you break your spleen,
Pull up your jeans to the music, smoke some marijuana with the music,
And if the place is not cool? Then we don't go there.
If you don't want to do it, then I'll make you dance,
Here is a perfect example: I will hit you in the face and blame it on you,
When you see me arrive in the club, you had better be careful,
I am Chalay from the road and these are Dem Franchize Boyz!


Ain't too clean to wanna pop lock from left to right and make a lean,
Bobbin' to da beat, check my feet, he ain't got these!
I rock them, bend my knees, every time the beat drop
Lean wit it, rock wit it, freeze before ya fingers pop
Purple lean, purple, green, grams in my socks
What the fuck you mean you ain't seen Buddie on tha block?!
They call me, "Doctor Doc," I prescribe what a nigga need
Make 'em lean and rock, old school people pat ya feet

I am not too cool to want to pop lock from left to right and lean,
I am bobbing to the music's beat, look at my feet, he doesn't have these sneakers!
I rock them and bend my knees, every time I hear the beat
I lean to the music and rock to the music, and freeze before I snap my fingers
I drink a purple sizzurp drink and have some marijuana and drugs in my socks as well,
I can't believe you haven't seen me in the neighborhood!
They call me "Doctor Doc," because I recommend and sell illegal drugs the way a physician prescribes legal ones
I make people lean and rock to the music, and those who love the old hip hop traditions, dance now!
Young Pimpin in tha club, see dem hoes tryna act up
Cause they see my chain and a nigga throwin' dem stacks up,
I keep a full clip and my pistol in my pants,
I'm in da middle of da flow, they screamin', "Nigga, do ya dance,"
Now you can roll ya arms, roll ya arms, put 'em in rotation
From side to side and snap ya fingaz like the Temptations
Boy, I'm all outta state doin' the dance, they never seen that
I ain't Fat Joe, but snap ya fingaz then ya lean back


My name is young Pimpin and I am here in the club, see those women trying to draw attention to themselves?
That's because they see my gold chain and watch me spending a lot of money,
I keep a full clip of ammunition and my pistol in my pants,
I'm in the middle of rapping my song and they are screaming, "Black man , do your dance,"
Now you can roll your arms and rotate them
From side to side and snap your fingers like the Temptations
Boy, I'm in other states doing the dance, and they have never seen it there
I am not Fat Joe, but snap your fingers, then you lean back

Rock left den snap ya fingers, rock right den snap ya fingers,
Ay, what's happenin'? Lean wit me, rock wit me,
Gotta pill? Pop wit me, gonna take a shot wit me,
Call me Teddy, I got grams, don't hate, nigga shop wit me,
DME, So So Def, hell yeah we known, bitch!
Franchize ain't got no money? Shit, hold on hold on bitch! Ay
Rock left, rock right, you can get that shit!
Lean back like Fat Joe and snap ya wrist back
Rock to the left, then snap your fingers, rock to the right, then snap your fingers,
Hey, what is happening with you? Lean to the music with me, rock
to the music with me,
Have you got a pill that will make you feel good?Take it with me, have a drink of strong alcohol with me,
Call me "Teddy," I have got drugs, but don't be jealous, man, come and shop with me,
We are on So So Def records and everyone knows who we are!
How can you say that we don't have any money? Wait a minute! That's ridiculous,
Rock left, rock right, you can do it!
Lean back like Fat Joe and snap your wrist back
(Jizzal Man)
Gangstas don't dance, they lean wit it, rock wit it
Glock wit me, pop quickly, gangstas gon' rock wit me
1,2 pop then bring it, Cross the chest get nasty
Flash it, go on flex wit it, do it how you want slow it up do
The Matrix, play wit it straight hit it get all in they face wit it
This dance is fo' da killas da dillas, da cut throats
You already know the chillin', the grown folk!


Real gangsters don't dance, they just lean and rock back and forth with the music,
Shoot a Glock (gun) with me, shoot quickly, gangsters are going to rock with me,
1,2, pop! Then bring it across the chest, get nasty
Show off, go ahead and flex your muscles with it, do it however you want, make it slow
Dance leaning back in slow motion, like the character Neo in the science fiction movie The Matrix did to avoid being shot with bullets, dance aggressively
This dance is for the killers and the really wild and dangerous men
You already know it's for both children and adults!


More information/References

ho: a derogatory term for woman that implies promiscuity and can mean prostitute.

Rocky: Rocky Balboa (played by Sylvester Stallone), a boxer in five films made from 1976 to 1990.

white tee: reference to Dem Franchize Boyz earlier hit White Tee, about the fashion of wearing plain white t-shirts.

Pull up ya jeans wit it: reference to the similar, earlier hit Lean Back by rapper Fat Joe and his group Terror Squad. That song also explains that the best style of dancing for "real men" is just to lean back and forth to the music, without fancy dance moves.

"I said my niggaz don't dance,
See, we just pull up our pants and,
Do the Roc-a-way.
Now lean back, lean back, lean back, lean back."

Pop Lock: Popping is a style of dancing that involves "popping" muscles by tensing them and suddenly releasing them. Locking, also called Campbellocking after 1970s dancer Don Campbell, is a dance move that requires the elbows to be locked in a bent position.

The Temptations: Extremely popular five-man 1960s Rhythm and Blues singing group, which coordinated dance moves and finger snapping with their harmonized songs.

Teddy Grahams: Graham cracker snacks shaped like teddy bears, and made by Nabisco. Eaten primarily by small children.

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