Ciara featuring Missy Elliot
1, 2 Step
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(Jazze Pha)
Ladies and gentlemen (Ladies and gentlemen,
This is
a Jazze Phizzle Productshizzle (Jazze Phizzle)
Missy (Missy)
The princess is here (Ooh-wee!)
(She's here) Ciara

ooh-wee! expression of excitement
a Jazze Phizzle Productshizzle a Jazze Pha Production
Missy Missy Elliot

(This beat is)
Automatic, supersonic, hypnotic, funky fresh
Work my body, so melodic
This beat flows right through my chest
Everybody, Ma and Papi came to party
Grab somebody, work your body, work your body
Let me see you 1, 2 step (Here we go)

Rock it
, don't stop it
Everybody get on the floor
Crank the party up
We about to get it on
Let me see ya
1, 2 step
I love it when ya
1, 2 step
1, 2 step
We about to get it on

This beat is
The rhythm of this music is
funky fresh super cool
Work my body dance

Ma and Papi a woman and man (literally: mother and father)

1, 2 step A dance. The move Ciara does to the line "1, 2 Step" in the video is similar to a traditional one called the "grapevine." She steps out to the side with her left foot, crosses behind with the right, takes another step out with the left foot and touches her right foot beside it. The move is reversed and repeated.

Rock it dance

Crank the party up Let's make the party more exciting
We about to get it on We are about to dance (get it on also has the meaning of "have sex" but that is clearly secondary in this dance song.)

(This beat is)
Outrageous, so contagious, make you crave it
(Jazze made it)
So retarded, top-charted
Ever since the day I started
Strut my stuff and yes I flaunt it
Goodies make the boys jump on it
No, I can't control myself
Now let me do my 1, 2 step (Come on)


retarded great (retarded is a Standard English word used to describe a person of abnormally low intelligence. Like ill, sick and nasty, it is used in slang to have an opposite meaning.) top-charted a hit record

Strut my stuff walk in a sexy way
Goodies breasts and other sexual areas on the body. Also the name of another hit song by Ciara and the title of the album on which both songs appear.

(We gon' drop the beat like this (Ooh-wee!)

It don't matter to me
We can dance slow (ladies and gentlemen)
Which ever way the beat drop
Our bodies will go (I like this)
So swing it over here, Mr. DJ (Hey, hey)
And we will, we will rock you (Oh yeah)

It don't matter to me
We can dance slow (Dance slow, yeah, yeah, yeah)
Which ever way the beat drop
Our bodies will go (Hey, hey)
So swing over here, Mr. DJ (Ladies and gentlemen)
And we will, we will rock you (Wee!)

We gon' drop the beat like this We are going to play the music like this

It don't It doesn't

So swing it over here Play it for me
And we will, we will rock you Reference to 1977 hit by Queen from the album News Of The World.

(Missy Elliot)
I shake it like Jell-O, make the boys say, "Hello!"
'Cause they know I'm rockin' the beat
I know you heard about a lot of great MCs
But they ain't got nothing on me
Because I'm 5 foot 2, I wanna dance with you
And I'm sophisticated fun, I eat filet mignon
And I'm nice and young, best believe I'm number one (Oh)

CHORUS (Ciara. Repeated two times)

(Missy Elliot)
This is for the hearing impaired
A Jazze Pha production (Ooh-wee! Ooh-wee!)

I shake it like I move my body like Jell-O® brand name of American gelatin dessert that jiggles when touched make the boys say, "Hello!" Make the boys notice me

MC rapper (abbreviation of Master of Ceremonies)
they ain't got nothing on me I am better than they are
5 foot 2 157.5 cm wanna want to
filet mignon small, expensive cut of steak
best believe you had better believe

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