American Slang Class
at The Cambridge Center

Whether you've studied English for two years or twenty, you've probably learned that what Americans really say in the street and on TV is not what you learned in grammar class! Does everyone else laugh at the jokes in American movies while you scratch your head in confusion?

If you live in the Boston area, you can learn to understand the mysteries of casual English in person. Sign up for the fun and relaxed American Slang class, featured in the Boston Globe Sunday Magazine and Christian Science Monitor and you'll find out everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask!

It was purely the best English class I've ever taken and just awesome!
-Yuko Kimura

I've joined a rugby team since the slang class was over.  A quarter of my teammate's conversation consists of "f*cking." Now my knowledge acquired from the slang class has become practical!
-Muneichi Shibata

When is it?
Sorry, the slang classes are no longer available at CCAE. After a great ten years of teaching slang and other ESL classes at the Cambridge Center for Adult Education, A. C. Kemp has changed jobs. She is now a senior lecturer at Boston University's CELOP program, where she continues to teach ESL, American slang and pop culture to international students.