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  • If you've ever wondered what to call those "dangerous" places on The Human Body, give our interactive page a try. It's illustrated! Watch out, Net Nanny! It's the Adult Slang Picture Dictionary. Find everything you always wanted to know about sex related slang and more than you wanted to know about yellow rubber ducks in this X-Rated guide. WARNING: FOR MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY. MUST BE 18 TO ENTER! Spy Girls Who is sexier: "Pussy Galore" or "Alotta Fagina"? Check out our page on the names of James Bond girls vs. Austin Powers girls.
  • Sex in movies and sex in popular music.

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  • CURRENT COLUMN Can't understand American comedies on TV? Got problems with English speaking coworkers? Not sure if someone wants to beat you or is asking you for a date? Ask resident slang expert A.C. Kemp for the answers to all your language and personal problems!
  • ARCHIVE Glocks, gats, tossed salad, balling the jack, drag queens and much more.

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  • MUSIC Translations of American slang and explanations of cultural references in dozens of new and classic popular songs, including Missy Elliot, Barenaked Ladies, Eminem and more.
  • Don't miss our MOVIE PAGE! Check it out for translations of your favorite movie quotes.

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  • Everybody poops! Learn those embarrassing bathroom related words in the illustrated guide to bodily functions! QUIZZES What are gazelles? Which is nicer: a hoopty or a whip? What’s slang for $10,000? Think you know? Check out the P.I.M.P. Quiz on slang about rappers’ status symbols. How much do you know about the origins of band names? Take the Name Game Quiz. And from the sixteenth century to the 1970s, test your knowledge of old-time sex vocabulary with our Vintage Sex Slang Quiz.Why shouldn't you name your baby Pansy, Dick or Earl? Check out BAD BABY NAMES.

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  • ALL THE WORDS Now you can see past editions of the weekly newsletter in our archive, with new and old American slang words, examples, celebrity quotes, information on word history and other neat stuff. Look up words alphabetically or browse through essays by week.


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  • Graffiti.For a good time, click! Shots of graffiti from Cambridge and Somerville, MA GLBT. Slang from Boston's gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered community. In Print. Photos and headlines of wacky drag queens and zit creams translated to standard English. Funny American T-SHIRT SLOGANS. If English is not your native language, check this out to make sure you aren't advertising the wrong thing about yourself!Greetings from North Carolina. Is the South different from the North? Click here to learn about opossums and bluegrass. Signs of the Times. From store names to concert posters, slang is everywhere on the streets of greater Boston!
  • Get Personal. Learn some slang and maybe find your soulmate in these real newspaper personal ads.


  • History and statistics. Learn the history of Slang City, find out who comes here, how you can get your questions answered in Ask AC and more.
  • Press. Slang City in the news, with links to stories and radio interviews.

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