Map of the Human Body
If you've ever wondered what to call those "dangerous" places on the body, give our interactive page a try. It's illustrated!

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Adult Slang Picture Dictionary
Everything you always wanted to know about sex and more than you wanted to know about yellow rubber ducks. Check out this X-Rated guide and never grope for words again.

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Spy Girls Who is sexier: "Pussy Galore" or "Alotta Fagina"? Check out more X-rated slang on our page explaining the hot, hot names of James Bond girls and Austin Powers girls.


  • What would Shakespeare call a hoe?
  • Is red paint worse than the clap?
  • Could a swinger be a quiff?

From the sixteenth century to the 1970s, test your knowledge of old-time sex vocabulary! NEW!!Vintage Sex Slang Quiz.

PLUS: Are you pimp-alicious? Take the P.I.M.P. quiz and find out.

ASK AC - Columns explain what these sexual terms mean.

Sex in Music
Take a look at these songs for additional vocabulary about sex and body parts. All are translated into standard English and annotated to explain cultural references.
Sex in Movies
Learn more about taboo words with these translations of dialogues from popular movies

Bubble Toes Jack Johnson
Crash into me Dave Matthews
Dilemma Kelly Rowland and Nelly
Fuck It! I Don't Want You Back Eamon
Jack and Diane John Cougar Mellancamp
Life in the Fast Lane The Eagles
Lady Marmalade Missy Elliot, Mya, Pink, Lil Kim, and Christina
My Band D12
P.I.M.P 50 Cent
Shake it Like a Salt Shaker Ying Yang Twins
Sick of Being Lonely Field Mob
The Way You Move Outkast
Thoia Thoing R Kelly
Tipsy J-Kwon
Walk on the Wild Side Lou Reed
Without Me Eminem
Work It Missy Elliot
Your Body is a Wonderland John Mayer

American Beauty
Four Weddings and a Funeral
Female Trouble
Legally Blonde
Ocean's Eleven
Pink Flamingos
Pretty Woman
There's Something About Mary
Vanilla Sky


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