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Bring Home the Bacon

To bring home the bacon means to earn a salary that supports your family, but for me, that phrase will always be the lyrics to the old Enjoli perfume ad of my childhood (later revisited by Salt 'n' Pepa in Ain't Nuthin but a She Thing.) I think the idea was that as a totally empowered woman, you would be overcome by a desire to smell good. It goes like this:

"I can bring home the bacon
Fry it up in a pan
And never let you forget you're a man
'Cuz I'm a woman -- W-O-M-A-N!"

Of course, this sign has nothing to do with that - it's just a play on words. Still, I imagine that the Hershey Bar Pound Cake Rita offers to make would be about as healthy as a slab of bacon.

Flyer. Main Street, Black Mountain, North Carolina, December 2002

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