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Flop Sweat

"Evolushun is just a theory"

"Sadly, there is still no cure as those suffering from E.O.R. [the imaginary disease Early Onset Republicanism] adamantly oppose the federal grants required to find one."

"However, some progress is being made on a vaccine derived from Scott McClellan's flop sweat."

This political cartoon by Brian McFadden ridicules Republicans for holding extreme and prejudiced views. Republicans in the strip criticize modern science, poor people and Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi (the Minority Leader of the House of Representatives.) Pelosi has been a critic of President Bush, and therefore a target of his supporters.

Scott McClellan served as White House Press Secretary from 2003 to 2006 and was still working in that capacity when this was published. The joke about flop sweat (nervous perspiration) is is a reference to McClellan's job answering difficult and uncomfortable questions about the President's actions and policies as Bush's popularity declined significantly during his second term.

From the comic strip Big Fat Whale in the Boston Phoenix arts weekly newspaper, February 24, 2006

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