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Candyland: the club for queers and allies of all genders every Sunday. Chill out!

Queer is another word for homosexual. It can be used by and about gays and lesbians but is usually considered offensive if used by straights (heterosexuals.)

Chill out! usually means relax, though this probably has the double meaning of get cool as well, since the event was held during the summer.

Come unwind with us after Pride!!

Unwind another way to say "relax." This event took place the day after the annual Gay Pride Parade in Boston. The parade is just one of many events during Pride Week, which includes live concerts, outdoor parties and other events to celebrate the gay community. If you live in a country where people are less open about sexual orientation, you might be surprised to learn that this popular festival is a mainstream event with participation from city and state officials, including straight Boston Mayor Tom Menino.

Postcard for Candyland Club, Boston, MA June, 2003.

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