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In the closet

He's dating a major league baseball player who's "in the closet."

This cartoon comes from the gay themed comic strip Kyle's Bed and Breakfast. Here, Brad, the gay baseball player, fears being outed (revealed as gay by someone else) to his homophobic teammates. He is currently in the closet (hiding his homosexuality.)

Maybe that guy got it mixed up. Homos don't know sports.

Homo is a derogatory term for a gay man.

I can tell if a guy's a fag... and there ain't no fags on this team.

Fag is another insulting term for gay men, short for the (also insulting) faggot. Apparently sexual orientation is not as obvious as this man seems to believe, since he's unaware that his teammate is gay.

In the P'townweekly (Provincetown, MA) July 30, 2003

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