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Hello There! Interview with A. C. Kemp

What is offers resources to foreign students and immigrants who would like to "fit in" to American society by learning about slang and pop culture. It includes everything from Standard English translations of rap songs and movie quotes to an insult generator and an "Ask the Expert" column. It also addresses a lot of important taboo topics in an educational but humorous way.

What made you start the website?
Despite years of grammar classes, many English as a Second Language students have a hard time understanding colloquial English in movies, music, and even casual conversations. To help them cope, I've been teaching American Slang to ESL students at The Cambridge Center for Adult Education since 1996. Two years ago, I decided to offer this information to an international audience by putting it up on the web.

What other services does Slang City offer?
Besides the classes and website, I also send out free email newsletter on slang terms to over 1000 people every week. Recent topics have included slang related to hip hop music, sexual preference, snowboarding, Dick Vitale and Bugs Bunny. People can sign up for the newsletter at

April 20, 2004

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