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Slang City in the news:

  • La Presse (Quebec) September 28, 2005
    How's your French? Ludovic Hirtzmann of Quebec's explains the benefits of Slang City in Argot 101 sur Internet.
  • Writers Digest May, 2005
    Slang City was named one of the top 101 websites for writers for the second year.
  • The Kansas City Star Don't Do Slang by Doug Worgul, December 13, 2004
    New slang from Slang City and others.
  • The Best of Our Knowledge on Public Radio's WAMC in Albany, NY (syndicated.) November 8, 2004
    Slang City director A.C. Kemp talks to Jim Horn about the dangers of slang for foreign students.
  • The Conversation on Public Radio's KUOW in Seattle. Word Histories & the Princess of Slang October 13, 2004
    "Is there any new slang you particularly enjoy slinging or slang you would like to have retired? Should a middle-aged person be able to use "playa" non-ironically? ...Today The Conversation is words. Our guides will be an editor at The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, and operator of the web site Slang City." (A.C. is interviewed in the second half of the program.)
  • Christian Science Monitor English as it's really spoken by Teresa Méndez, June 15, 2004
    "Slipping into class on a mild Thursday evening, Wadensky Bastien, who moved to Boston from Haiti 3-1/2 years ago, removes a rumpled piece of paper from his shoulder bag. It's cluttered with a week's worth of English phrases that he can't quite decipher. Glancing at the list, A. C. Kemp, who teaches the weekly class on American slang here at the Cambridge Center for Adult Education, asks Mr. Bastien if he has any questions. "I have plenty," he replies brightly..."
  • Des Moines Register He researches 'flossing' and more to get the slang of it Column by Kyle Munson, June 25, 2004
    "Bling-bling, bootylicious, metrosexual. Tired of the same old slang? Need to liven up your stale vocab? That was my inclination when I decided to poll a smattering of experts and hipsters nationwide to root out some of the newest American-English slang in circulation..."
  • Writer's Digest May, 2004
    The top 101 websites for writers in 2004
  • Boston Globe Sunday Magazine Get Ur Freak On by Donna Coco, April 11, 2004
    "If you don't know what that Missy Elliott song title means, it's time you joined this Cambridge adult-ed class on slang..."
  • Boston Metro Hello There! Interview with A. C. Kemp April 20, 2004
    "What is offers resources to foreign students and immigrants who would like to "fit in" to American society by learning about slang and pop culture..."
  • Improper Bostonian Inner View January, 2004
    "It's been parodied a million times on the big screen, yet it never seems to get old: Foreign exchange student fumbles English colloquialisms while smug Americans yuk it up..."
  • Yahoo! Editor's Pick Slang City November 3, 2002
    "Do you ever find yourself confused by the language you hear on the street, in movies, and in pop songs? Even if you consider yourself a slang master, you may enjoy the colorful examples used on this site..."

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