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June 24, 2004

Slang of the Week: wining (noun)
A sexy dance from the Caribbean, often done to reggae music

Christina went wining every night during Carnival, even though her boyfriend was out of town.

Celebrity quote:
“Got my python
Hollerin' for mercy - yeah hey –ai!
Then I whisper in her ear,
‘So wine harder.’
And then she said to me
Boy, just push that thing
Push it harder back on me”
-Kevin Little in his song Turn Me On

Ah, remember the days of the waltz and fox trot? Okay, neither do I. But while wining and its American equivalent, backing it up, are now common at some high school dances, that kind of sexy public display would have once gotten you in big trouble.

In backing it up, the couple is not face-to-face, but back to front, with the woman pushing and grinding her butt into the man’s body. In fact, grinding is another synonym for this kind of dirty dancing, but unlike the other words, which are relatively new in mainstream English, the grind has been around since strippers danced in 1920s vaudeville shows. Of course, at that time, the woman danced by herself, but the movement was the same.

What about dance crazes of the past? The 1970s brought us the bump, in which partners bumped their hips together while standing side to side. 1960s dance moves included weird pantomimes like the monkey, the hitchhiker and the swim. But back in 1928, in the days before movies were censored, Joan Crawford shocked people by dancing one of that decade’s sexiest moves – the shuffling black bottom - on a table in the film Our Dancing Daughters.

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