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May 6, 2004

Slang of the Week: HOHA (noun)
The Hateful Old Hikers Association, an imaginary organization of hikers who are thought to be the natural enemies of mountain bikers

You used to be able to ride the trails at Snyder Point, until the HOHAs got legislation passed that made biking illegal there.

Celebrity quote:
“Sometimes, too, you'll see a HOHA walking a small lap-breed of dog. These people are actually trolling for mountain lions.”
-Evan Lee, in Go-Go magazine

Lee may not be exaggerating. This quote comes from an article about mountain biking in the Rockies, where it’s possible (though perhaps not likely) that small dogs could be an attractive lunch for mountain lions even when accompanied by humans.

But while angry hikers and unleashed dogs are certainly problems for mountain bikers, HOHAs are not their only natural enemy. Besides rocks and low tree branches, their worst foes are probably inexperienced Freds and Barneys on the trails. These are foolish newcomers, especially those who spent a lot of money on fancy equipment before mastering the sport.

Any of the factors above can cause a prang (accident). One of the worst kinds of prangs is the face plant (falling on your face), a term also common in snowboarding. But you don’t have to go out into nature to meet with a cycling disaster. Every day here in the city, I pass a neighbor’s unfortunate bike leaning against the fence. It hasn’t been used for some time, because its front wheel has become a potato chip - a sad term which obviously takes its name from the snack’s rippled shape.

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