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March 18, 2004

Slang of the Week: hasbian (noun)
A former lesbian who now dates men

When Jeff found a heart shaped box filled with hundreds of K.D. Lang pictures in the attic, he suspected his wife was a hasbian.

Celebrity quote:
“The hasbian is very threatening because she crosses in and out of a sacred space. People fought so hard for the right to congregate in gay bars and to express their love openly, and now the interloper comes along.”
-Comedian Deirdre Sullivan

In 2001, actress Anne Heche became the world’s most famous hasbian. Just one year after a highly publicized breakup with comedian Ellen DeGeneres, Heche married a man. DeGeneres herself made headlines four years earlier, when her television character on the show Ellen came out (revealed that she was gay). The actress soon told viewers that like her character, she was also a lesbian.

Although words like hasbian and its more recent college counterpart L.U.G. (Lesbian Until Graduation) would seem to suggest that being a lesbian is fashionable, it wasn’t at the time. Sponsors of Ellen’s show pulled out, saying that their customers objected to her “alternative lifestyle” and the show was cancelled.

These days, openly gay characters are now commonly seen on popular American TV shows, but whether homosexuality is a choice is debatable. While these slang words imply that it is, recent scientific research indicates that sexual orientation is something people are born with. DeGeneres seems to agree. When her former lover got married, her comment was, "I will never date a straight woman again. Ever."

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