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March 17, 2005

Slang of the Week: a buck fifty (noun phrase)
a cut on the face that requires 150 stitches or more

When handsome Fred got a buck fifty in a street fight, he turned into Frankenstein.

Celebrity quote:
“Don't wanna die, tell me why?
Cause the stress gettin’ major
A buck-fifty 'cross the face with my razor.”
- Rapper Tupac Shakur on the song Pain

So did 50 Cent get his nickname because he had a scar that only required fifty stitches? Actually, the rapper formerly known as Curtis Jackson is rumored to have named himself after a neighborhood drug dealer in Queens, where he grew up.

And based on his close relationship with 50 Cent, you might think G-Unit’s Young Buck is named after money, since buck is slang for a dollar. But in fact, the nickname he got from the older hustlers he spent time with as a teenager was about his age.

A young buck is an adolescent male and the word is related to the Standard English word for the male deer, since teenage boys often display the same kind of reckless behavior that bucks do during mating season.

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