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February 5, 2004

Slang of the Week: BFF (acronym)
Best Friends Forever

Even though Sally stole my boyfriend, we are still BFF.

Celebrity quote:
“Are y'all going to get a little heart that says ‘BFF’ too?”
- MTV News reporter Gideon Yago, interviewing Britney Spears about her relationship with Madonna

This word brings back memories of junior high, when BFF was the kind of slang used mostly by girls who dotted their ‘i’s with hearts. After I saw this quote, I decided to check out a couple of magazines to see if teenagers were still using it. It turns out they are, and they’re also using a lot of other expressions that have been around for a long time.

My first stop was YM (short for Your Magazine). There, 16-year-old Daniel advised a reader, “Ask your friends what it is about your BF (boyfriend) that makes him not good enough.” Since YM invites readers to share their most agonizing moments, I also read about many unfortunate girls who had crushes on (were romantically interested in) their BFF’s BF.

Worse than that was the case of a girl who was strongly allergic to chocolate. After making out (kissing and touching) with a cute boy at a party, she found out (too late!) that he had been eating it. “He freaked (was really upset) and said my face was swelling up like a balloon.” Yeah, that brings back memories, none of them good.

At the Seventeen magazine website, I found a forum on how teenage boys know if a girl likes them. My favorite was Zach, who said, “One time in eighth grade this girl snuck a bitchin' (great) mix tape into my locker at school. It was totally rad (excellent) because she spent a lot of time on it. She hand-painted the tape case and everything. I asked her out the next day and we went out for, like, two years.” Like, wow. Who knew teenagers still said rad and bitchin'. Both were popular words in the 1980s.

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