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February 27, 2003

Slang of the Week: washed-up (adjective)
no longer popular or successful

badass (noun)
tough and dangerous man

Seth knew he was washed-up as a boxer. Even Mini-Me was more of a badass than he was.

Celebrity quote:
"He's kind of washed-up. He wore a girdle the whole movie. And spray-on hair? Come on. This is not the Steven Seagal I remember! I remember a badass."
-Rapper-turned-actor DMX, describing his experience working on the film Exit Wounds

Though washed-up sounds like something you might find on the beach, it comes from vaudeville theater slang of the 1920s. Washing up was what you did at the end of the day and if you were washed-up, it was the end of your fifteen minutes of fame.

So what's the opposite of a badass? Not a goodass! Candy-ass is the word we use to describe feminine, weak and cowardly men.

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