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February 26, 2004

Slang of the Week: mack daddy (noun phrase)
1. A pimp (male manager of prostitutes) 2. A man with many girlfriends

Mark went to school dressed like an old school mack daddy, with gold chains and a feather in his hat, but the principal sent him home to change.

Celebrity quote:
“He's in a one nine seven two skin head caddy
A old superfly mack daddy
So my girl stepped out and he tried to mack
But she ain't havin' that…”
- Rapper Sir Mix-a-lot, from the song Mack Daddy

Though strongly associated with rap music, the word mack has been used for over 100 years to mean a pimp. Robert Chapman, editor of The New Dictionary of American Slang, thinks that its history is much longer and claims that it dates from the15th century, when it was found in the longer form mackeral.

Mack daddy, first used in the 1950s, can also be used to describe an important or successful man. In fact, the verb mack, originally to ‘pimp’ or ‘charm,’ has gradually expanded its meaning to include being successful. Kelly Williams, of the group 3LW, explains how the word can be used in different contexts:

“I think that a lot of people, they took the word ‘mack’ and kinda twisted it and made it into what they think it’s gonna be. And that's cool, ’cause we want it to be a title that everyone can use for whatever part of their life they’re in. But it’s not all about macking boys — I mean, you can do that if you're like me, but naw (no)... It’s really just about macking your education, macking your life, macking your career, macking anything.” 3LW’s latest album is called A Girl Can Mack.

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