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February 10, 2005

Slang of the Week: thick (adjective)
Not thin but shapely, especially with a small waist and attractive butt and legs.

Bob’s friends envied his job working with fashion models, but he actually preferred thick women.

Celebrity quote:
“You’re thicky thicky thicky thick/Lookin’ like a lollipop waitin’ for the lick, girl.”
- Rapper Nelly on the song Thicky Thick Girl

Super-thin women have long been idolized by the media, but they are not the ideal of all American men. In 1992, Sir Mix-A-Lot dropped an alternate vision of female beauty on mainstream America with his song Baby Got Back (which could be roughly translated as “My woman has a big butt.”)

The rapper was hardly the first to sing the praises of thick women. In 1989, LL Cool J had a hit with Big Ole Butt, in which he left a series of girlfriends for women with increasingly larger behinds. (It’s also true that both Queen and the faux rock band Spinal Tap had earlier songs devoted to women with big bottoms, but neither of those seemed quite as sincere in their admiration.)

Mix-A-Lot’s video, which featured the rapper walking across a landscape of women’s bodies, was considered so shocking that MTV only aired it after nine o’clock at night. Sexy female imagery in videos has continued to be a source of controversy, most recently when Nelly was criticized for running a credit card down a woman’s butt in the Tip Drill video last year.

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