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Septbember 21, 2006

Slang of the Week: draped up (adjective phrase)
highly decorated, painted and accessorized (said of a car)

Rachel wrote a pleading letter to Pimp My Ride, hoping her hoopty would soon be draped up.

Celebrity quote:
“Me and Bun together caked up with clout
Staying draped up and dripped out, know what I'm talking about?”
- Slim Thug on the Houston Remix of Bun B’s song Draped Up

According to her sister Dannii, Australian singer Kylie Minogue once had a real breakfast at Tiffany’s. “She had all her girlfriends there and we sat eating breakfast draped in diamond necklaces, rings, and tiaras,” she said in an interview on

Well, if people can be draped in fancy accessories, why not cars? This expression, which originated in Houston, most likely comes from that earlier notion of people being draped in bling. 1980s rappers often sported massive gold dookey ropes and even today, enormous diamond pendants are still in vogue.

The typical draped up car has a great sound system, custom wheels and candy paint. In fact, the “dripped out” in the song is a reference to that high gloss, bright colored car paint favored by rappers. “He drippin’ candy [paint,]” says grill-master Paul Wall in another verse of the same song.

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