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September 7, 2006

Slang of the Week: cow pie (noun phrase)
a piece of cow manure

Stella and Kate hid behind the bale of hay, waiting breathlessly for their snobbish, big-city cousin to step in a cow pie.

Celebrity quote:
“I like it [the Cowmenclature sculpture] because it has all the different words for ‘cow poop.’ Like ‘cow plow’ and ‘cow pie.’”
-Six-year-old art critic Ian Gallaugher, quoted in the Boston Metro newspaper

Documenting one’s visits to the 117 cows in Boston’s Cow Parade has become a kind of competition. Gallaugher wins, having made it into the Metro after photographing all 117 bovine beauties and putting the pictures up on a website.

The cow parade, which originated in Chicago in 1999, is a city-wide exhibit of cow sculptures decorated by local artists. After the cows are removed from display, they are auctioned off for charity. While this is Boston’s first crack at cows, we did have a large number of another famous animal here in 2000 with the Cavalcade of Cod. (That didn’t catch on—cod may be an important fish here, but they are really not that cute.)

Though I admire Ian for his persistence in tracking down all the cows, cow plow (more commonly known as a cow catcher) usually refers to the metal wedge on the front of a train that knocks cows off the tracks. But cow patties, cow flop and cow plop (which Ian says is on the sculpture as well) are definitely poop.

What's new?
"How come every time you come around, My London , London bridge, wanna go down?" London Bridge, by Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas. (Warning: bad words.)