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June 29, 2006

Slang of the Week: Cris (noun)
Cristal Champagne

When June was promoted to partner, she celebrated with a filet mignon and a bottle of Cris.

Celebrity quote:
“Somebody’s girl is at this party
Drink that glass of Cris
Somebody’s girl is at this party
Sittin’ in V.I.P.
Somebody’s girl is at this party
And she’s comin’ home with me”
—R. Kelly on the Jay-Z song Somebody’s Girl

Expensive brand names are not just important as a marker of wealth in hip hop songs. They also move merchandise. And most clothing and alcoholic beverage companies are happy for the free advertising when they find themselves named in rap songs. But not Frédéric Rouzard

In a recent Economist article called Bubbles and
Bling, the managing director of Champagne Louis Roederer dissed rappers, who often name check Cristal in their songs. “What can we do?” he said of the Champagne’s popularity with hip hop artists. “We can’t forbid people from buying it.”

Ouch! But after reading the insult, Jay-Z retaliated by calling for a boycott. Last Sunday, he told the New York Daily News, “If someone don't want our business, we will take it somewhere else.” In fact, he removed bottles of Cristal from his nightclubs and in a concert last weekend, he altered the drinks in some song lyrics to reflect his new attitude.

He has said that his new Champagne of choice will be Krug, which also costs several hundred dollars a bottle. We at the Slang City headquarters are also boycotting Cristal in solidarity, but we have switched to
Two Buck Chuck instead for economic reasons.