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April 27, 2006

Slang of the Week: prospie (noun)
a prospective university student

Cathy really wanted to show Marguerite a good time during her visit to the university campus, but her prospie was only interested in visiting the library.

Celebrity quote:
 “This was bad because it was a prospie, not a student, but we have students do the same thing…I work here because I like students… [it’s] a really bad feeling that you’re sitting there thinking, ‘gosh, I hope this kid makes it through the night.’”
—Grinnell College Security Director Russ Motta

Motta is talking about an unfortunate incident in 2002, when a prospective student at Grinnell ended up in the hospital emergency room. Apparently delighted by the freedom of being away from his parents, the boy got dangerously drunk and wandered around the campus alone until he was discovered by students working at the college newspaper.

For some accepted students, danger and excitement are less important reasons to pick a college. In this week’s New York Times, Andy Brody, a prospie who had been accepted to several universities, reacted negatively to one of the schools he visited because he thought students there drank too much.

But schools, especially elite ones, offer other entertainments to attract freshmen. While prospective students swarm the campuses, they can attend concerts, parties and sporting events designed just for them. And they can get presents, like fun t-shirts with the school logo, which are completely free—unless they enroll for four years, in which case it can cost $100,000 or more.

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