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March 23, 2006

Slang of the Week: D-girl (noun phrase)
a low-ranking female executive at a film studio or production company who looks for scripts to develop into movies (from "development girl")

Sherry was heartbroken when the D-Girl told that her story, Iguana Women from Outer Space, would not be a good project for Steven Spielberg.

Celebrity quote:
The writer's optimism has to be as unflagging as the D-girl's or the D-girl might find someone else to develop.
-Columnist Ms. Gonick at the San Francisco Chronicle

Though women usually have this job, a D-boy can be the male counterpart of a D-girl in Hollywood. In Fodor’s travel guide to Los Angeles, Dominick’s restaurant is described as having a “largely showbiz clientele” that
tends toward the young agent and d-boy and -girl crowd.”

D-boys are not always in the film industry. In the 2005 song I’m a Dboy, rapper Lil’ Wayne defines himself as a “dope boy” (drug dealer) and this version of the term is used by many hip hop artists.

But the initial more often associated with “boy” in rap culture is “B.” In the early days of hip hop, B-boys and B-girls were acrobatic dancers who performed at outdoor music parties during the instrumental breaks of songs. They later became better known in popular culture as breakdancers.   


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