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February 23, 2006
Slang of the Week: deadstock (noun)
sneakers that have never been worn, usually in the original box

Jennifer was so thrilled to find a large supply of rare Adidas deadstock at the flea market that she made plans to rent another storage unit immediately. She had to have them, but couldn’t imagine wearing them and getting them dirty.

Celebrity quote:
“Legions of collectors are standing, zombielike, in the wee hours outside shoe stores, waiting for them to open, mumbling words like ‘deadstock’ and ‘F.O.T.B.’”
- Stephen A. Crockett the Washington Post

Whether it’s stamps, Civil War paraphernalia or Beanie Babies, collectors can be very serious. And sneakerheads are among the most serious collectors of all. Many consider their finds so precious that they leave them in the box as deadstock, perfect for all time.

If they actually wear the shoes, you’d better be careful about scuffing them up. In the song How We Do, The Game boasts that he’ll kill anyone who steps on his white Air Force Ones.

F.O.T.B. means fresh out of the box. Since my personal sneaker collection numbers two, one of which is a five-year-old pair of Keds, I am not really the Imelda Marcos of kicks. F.O.T.B. is a phrase I associate more with Krispy Kreme donuts. However, I suppose that for those who really love sneakers, there must be something like a “new car smell” when the lid is first opened and the shoes revealed for the first time.

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