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February 16, 2006
Slang of the Week: slizzard (adjective)

Because she had forgotten about the alligator strapped on the back of the trunk, Mary thought the police were pulling her over because she was slizzard.

Celebrity quote:
“I got my granny up knockin’ at my bedroom door, but I'm still slizzard from the night before.”
- Boyz N da Hood on the song Still Slizzard

Not surprisingly, alcohol and drunkenness account for a large number of slang words, and this new addition made me take a trip down memory lane. Previous columns have explored vintage terms for inebriated like corned and snuffy as well as more recent additions such as throwed off.

This one, also spelled slizzered, comes from Atlanta. Boyz N da Hood hail from that area, as does the group Dem Franchise Boyz, whose current hit Lean Wit It, Rock Wit It contains a reference to being slizzard on “tha goose” (Grey Goose vodka).

But being drunk is only half the story—or maybe less! Over the years, Slang City has invested a lot of time looking into the language of alcohol. In addition to the details of what to call wine, beer, and whiskey (among other libations) we have also discussed how to make it, where to buy it, and various things that happen if you drink too much of it. Cheers!

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