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October 26, 2006

Slang of the Week: snitch (noun)
an informer

Once Ernie found out Bert was the snitch that told the guards about his pruno, he decided to get revenge by hiring the Grover to beat him up.

Celebrity quote:
“Tears tattooed a head busta walkin’ in these shoes
Snitches workin’ with the warden
Eyes open and scopin’…”
- Rapper C-Murder on the song Locked Up

Poor C-Murder! The rapper, born Corey Miller, was told by a judge on Monday that he would not be allowed to give interviews or make music videos to promote his new album, The Tru Story, Continued. Previously convicted of murdering 16-year-old Steve Thomas in 2002, he was released this spring and granted a new trial. Miller is currently under house arrest until his court date in February 2007.

The restrictions don’t seem to have slowed him down much. On his MySpace page ( he has a video of the song My Life that appears to have been shot clandestinely while he was still in prison.

Despite the innumerable tattoos that decorate his body, he does not have any on his face in online photos, so his reference in this song may be posturing (unless it’s a recent development). The teardrop tattoo, usually on the cheek below the eye, symbolizes remembrance—sometimes for the memory a friend who was killed but just as often it represents a murder committed by the person who wears it.

And speaking of murder, Miller was apparently advised by his legal counsel that changing his stage name from C-Murder to C Miller might improve his chances in court this winter. Gosh, you think?

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