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September 21, 2005
Slang of the Week: Two Buck Chuck (noun phrase)
Charles Shaw brand wine

The other fraternity brothers wanted to get a keg of beer, but Sam knew that a case of Two Buck Chuck would go further in impressing the ladies.

Celebrity quote:
“Napa does not smile on the visitor who's working with a Two-Buck Chuck budget. At the Napa Valley Redwood Inn, nearly $100 a night won't get you a room with a view of Napa's lion-colored hills and marching vines, much less a glimpse of redwoods.
- Christopher Solomon in the NY Times

Although it has many fans, in a 2003 review of inexpensive wines, Mike Steinberger said that one important thing you need to know about Two Buck Chuck is that “It sucks.” Available at Trader Joe’s grocery chain, the wine got its nickname because it can cost as little as two bucks (dollars) a bottle.

It is not, however, the only alcohol so famous that it has a nickname. Sean Don, for example, is the street name for pricey Moet & Chandon Champagne. And Earnest and Julio Gallo brandy, quite cheap at $10 a liter, is called Easy Jesus. Favored by poor people, the drink got a boost from Tony Yayo, who raps about drinking it as a teenager on the 50 Cent song Hate It or Love It.

But Easy Jesus should not be confused with Jesus Juice. Michael Jackson was accused of providing that beverage of white wine poured into Coke cans to young children to get them drunk.