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August 31, 2005
Slang of the Week: dime (noun)
a very attractive woman

Being a dime got Linda more quarters in her tip jar at the coffee shop.

Celebrity quote:
“They met, he said how she was a dime,
So naive that she believed every single lie.”
-Jaheim on the song Fabulous

Men had spent plenty of time secretly ranking women’s looks from one to ten before 1979, but in that year, the game became a national obsession with the hit movie 10. The film starred Bo Derek as the “perfect” woman and the object of desire for middle-aged Dudley Moore.

The word dime, used most commonly by rappers, is a natural variation on that idea. The American coin is worth ten cents and so a dime is a perfect ten. It should be noted, however, that unattractive women are not, at least yet, called pennies.

Another cultural effect of the movie 10 was the adoption of a popular African American hairstyle called cornrows by white women. After seeing Derek’s exotic look in the film, thousands of them lined up at beauty shops around the country to spend lots of money and many painful hours getting their hair put into hundreds of tiny braids very close to their heads. Click here or here to see pictures of cornrows and here for a lesson on how to do it.

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