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October 12, 2005
Slang of the Week: roll deep (verb phrase)
go places with a large group

A member of the Stinking Poodles gang, Jeff always rolled deep for safety when in the Ruff Rottweilers’ neighborhood.

Celebrity quote:
Roll deep, walk in restaurant, pull you out your seat
Take you out back, crack back, till task complete.”
-Rapper Mad Child of Swollen Members on the song Burns and Scars

As violent as those lyrics are, it’s hard not to love a musical group called Swollen Members. This euphemism for a male body part was big (forgive the pun) in the eighteenth century and is often seen in vintage erotic novels. The Vancouver rappers were here in Massachusetts last week, but we missed them and don’t know why they picked the archaic name.

Rolling deep is usually associated with gangsta rappers and other celebrities who feel the need to go everywhere with close friends, admirers, and of course, many bodyguards. But Roll Deep is also the name of a British hip hop group whose current hit is a song called Shake a Leg. This invitation to dance includes Latin rhythms and goofy lyrics likeRed hot chili peppers, hot jalapeños/Mamas in hot pants tighter than Speedos.”

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