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January 20, 2005

Slang of the Week: kicks (noun)

When Sam proudly walked onto the playground with his new white kicks, he was just inviting the other children to step on them.

Celebrity quote:
“Ain’t nothing like seeing a new pair of kicks/Ain’t no feeling like it once you got them on.”
-Mario in his song Nikes Fresh Out The Box

Mario goes on to talk about the girl he wants to date and in a “romantic” moment, he promises to treat her with the same respect he would show a new pair of sneakers.

But he is not the only hip hop artist to write songs about his shoes. Rapper Nelly skipped the girl and devoted an entire song to his Nike “Air Force One” sneakers, threatening to beat anyone who got them dirty. And even back in 1986, RUN-DMC was showing the love with, “we make a good team my Adidas and me.”

These days, rappers like Snoop Dogg, Jay-Z and G-Unit have their own lines of kicks. Pharrell Williams advertises his "Ice Cream" athletic shoes in the hit song Drop It Like It’s Hot. In USA Today, he explains, “Ice refers to jewels of the mind, and cream is the cash.”

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