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December 2, 2004

Slang of the Week: bridezilla (noun)
a badly behaved bride

Samantha’s outdoor wedding was perfect until she noticed that squirrels had eaten the cake. Then she became a bridezilla.

Celebrity quote:
“Star ‘Bridezilla’ Jones' wild wedding rampage continued yesterday on live TV as she called her "View" co-hosts liars and berated them for breaking "rules" during her nuptials last weekend. Two offenses particularly ticked her off — Elisabeth Hasselbeck rearranged the seating cards at the reception at the Waldorf-Astoria, and Joy Behar dared to bring a camera even though guests were specifically told to leave cameras and kids at home.”
- Richard Johnson, in the New York Post’s Page Six gossip column

The word bridezilla is a combination of “bride” and “Godzilla,” the scary dinosaur-like creature from 1960s Japanese monster movies. Its comes from, on which readers share horror stories about impolite bosses, coworkers and neighbors.

But the website’s most popular features are the pages about “weddings from hell.” Stories range from drunken, smelly guests to brides that call off the wedding and keep the presents. Jones, whose wedding was largely paid for by sponsors that got free advertising on “The View,” had 15 bridesmaids and asked her guests to buy her $10,000 gifts at Tiffany’s.

Although the Etiquette Hell website calls bad grooms groomonsters, that expression does not seem to be as attractive as its female counterpart, and is rarely used. In fact, the word groomzilla has become the standard for men and has been used most recently about Star Jones’ new husband, Al Reynolds.

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