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October 16, 2003

Slang of the Week: mojo (noun)
1. magic power 2. sexual power

Bob knew that Cynthia would never come back to him unless he found his mojo again.

Celebrity quote:
Now, assuming my Boston Red Sox make the World Series (reverse double unjinx rejinx unjinx mojo activated), and face the Chicago Cubs, which team does the unaffiliated fan decide to root for? The lovable losers? Or the heart-ripping, operatic, bitter-bile-of-history losers?
-Seth Stevenson in Slate

If you live in Outer Mongolia (as some of my readers do) you may not be aware that my home team, the Boston Red Sox, has not won the World Series since 1918. If they beat the Yankees tonight (reverse double unjinx!) they’ll be headed off to the finals against the Marlins, and maybe the “Curse of the Bambino” will finally be over.

The truth is, we don’t lose because we suck. It’s because shortly after our last championship, Sox owner Harry Frazee sold Babe Ruth to the NY Yankees, who have since won the Series 26 times. The general belief here is that when he left for New York, a bitter Ruth (also known as “The Bambino”) somehow stole the Red Sox mojo, leaving them weak and helpless.

Over the years that I’ve lived here, I’ve seen many witches and other spiritual types burning candles and chanting to exorcise Ruth’s evil hoodoo (curse) from Fenway Park. Of course, this might not help them tonight in New York, especially since some Yankees fans have threatened to whack (hit/kill) Red Sox pitcher Pedro Martinez over what happened in game three, when he was rushed by Yankees coach Don Zimmer.

Bostonians maintain that the pitcher dope-slapped the older man – he slapped the back of his head lightly as if to say “you dope (foolish person)!” and got out of the way. However, many Yankees fans didn’t see it that way. Hopefully, Martinez has enough mojo to protect himself against both hoodoo and flying beer bottles.

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