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October 14, 2004

Slang of the Week: Who’s your daddy? (phrase)
I am superior to you (often used by a bad winner)

“Game over! Twelve to nothing! Who’s your daddy now?”

Celebrity quote:
“All I can do is tip my cap and call the Yankees my daddy.”
- Red Sox pitcher Pedro Martinez, after losing to the Yankees last month

It’s that time of year! Once again, the Red Sox are trying to win the World Series against the Yankees and once again, things are not looking so good. And just like last year, a single slang phrase has become associated with their efforts.

Last year, it was cowboy up! This year, it’s not such a positive one. Major League Baseball even allowed official t-shirts to be made that said “Hey Red Sox, Who’s Your Daddy?” Although complaints stopped official sales of the shirts, you can still see Yankees fans wearing them in the stands at games this week.

Of course, Red Sox fans have their own t-shirt slogans, including “Screw the curse” (forget about the superstition that Babe Ruth’s ghost is still angry at the Sox), the traditional “Yankees suck” (Yankees are really bad) and the super optimistic “I still believe.”

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