Body Parts
What do you call those things? Below, you'll find some basic slang words to describe those "dangerous" body parts. Just move the mouse over the body part to learn the slang words. On the right is a chart explaining how "bad" each word is.

How bad is it?

kids These are just used by kids. Don't use them unless you are five.

super polite These are euphemisms - expressions we use when we feel too uncomfortable or embarrassed to say the real word. Even ministers can use these. Be careful though - if you use these in a casual situation with friends, they might think you're a little too polite.

okay These are words most people would say to their friends, but maybe not to their grandmother or teacher.

a little bad These words may be acceptable with friends, but some people think they are rude. You can hear these words on broadcast TV.
bad Many people think these words are impolite. Unlike the words which are "a little bad", you will not hear these on broadcast TV, but you can hear some of them on cable TV or in movies.

What do you call it?