Dear AC,

What is a tweaker? It was used on an internet gossip site in reference to a gay celebrity. He was described as a tweaker.


Rahway, NJ

Dear Cheryl ,

As deviant as this word sounds, it has nothing to do with being gay or even with sex. However, tweaking has been a concern in the gay community.

Once the name of desperate crack cocaine addicts, tweaker is now used primarily to describe users of crystal meth. This drug, also known as methamphetamine, has become more popular in many areas than crack, especially with teenagers. It has also been cited as contributing to the spread of AIDS, because use of the drug makes men less careful during sex and therefore more likely to get sexually transmitted diseases.

One reason it is so popular is that you don't need to import it or even go into the city to buy it. Crystal meth can be made at home from common household chemicals available at the drugstore. I won't include any recipes here, but I'm sure you could find some online.

However, I wouldn't recommend making up a batch for some Saturday night fun. This drug is really, really bad for you - and that isn't just a scare tactic, like the old Reefer Madness movie. Users often forget to eat or bathe for long stretches of time, become scarily violent, and suffer permanent brain damage.

So I hope that gives you a better idea about tweaking and to all my readers, stay in school and keep off the drugs!

Your pal,


A. C. Kemp

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