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Drag Queens

Dear A.C.,

Last night, I went to a bar with my friends and I saw a blond beautiful woman. I asked her to dance and talked to her. She was really nice. I told my friends that I got her phone number and I was going to call her for a date. They said she was a drag queen and laughed at me. I thought "drag" was boring. She isn't boring at all. Why did they say that?


Dear Miguel,

Slang might not be your only problem! You're right that we say something boring is "a drag". However, a drag queen is a man who dresses to look like a woman. We also say that someone is "in drag" - wearing the clothes of the opposite sex. This can be men in women's clothing or women dressed as men. Sometimes, these women call themselves "drag kings."

I guess whether you still want to call her might depend on your personal taste. If you do, I'm sure your date won't be boring!

Your pal,

A. C. Kemp

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